Musée de la Métallurgie Ardennaise

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Musée de la Métallurgie Ardennaise

Located in the heart of the land of iron and the forest, this unique museum is a must-see destination where you will be able to learn about the long and amazing history of ironworking, from the last few centuries of the Middle Ages to the present day, in the département of Ardennes.

This museum, which is accommodated in an iconic industrial building, showcases the various activities that made this transformative metalworking industry a renowned driving force. Machines, tools and manufactured products vividly evoke the shops, factories and workshops and the men, women and children who worked in them. The lives of the workers is also recreated with warmth, and the owners of humble origins who achieved success, paternalism, trade unionism, social struggles, and the establishment of socialism thanks to the Communard Jean-Baptiste Clément are also explained.



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